What you can bring to your class…

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  • Please bring a towel as you will most likely glisten or sweat!
  • Please bring bottled water as you will want to stay hydrated. Free filtered water will be available to you, as well as, a variety of bottled waters that will be available for purchase at our studio.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that allow your muscles to stretch and your skin to breathe. We have one restroom available for your convenience.
  • You must wear grip socks at all times on the Megaformers. No bare feet please. You may wear your own grip socks or you may purchase grip socks at our studio prior to class.
  • You must wear athletic shoes at all times on the VersaClimber. Due to safety reasons, you will be turned away if you do not bring athletic shoes to participate on the VersaClimber machine.

Group Class Cancellation Policy

Early Cancelation (24 hours) Free
Late Cancellation (8 Hours) $15.00
No Show Fee $25.00

If you are signed up for monthly or unlimited packages and you are a Late Cancel or a No Show for a class that you are signed up for then your credit card on file with MINDBODY, Inc. will be charged accordingly.

If you are signed up for individual Classes, then you will lose the class that you are signed up for and your credit card on file with MINDBODY, Inc. will be charged accordingly.

You may conveniently cancel or reschedule your classes using MINDBODY, Inc.

In the case of an emergency, please contact our Studio directly by calling 210.608.2731 or via email at info@nextlevelcore.com.

Please note: Our cancellation policies are in place to ensure that all Megaformers and VersaClimbers are available to be reserved by our clients, especially if there is a waitlist for that class. Our wish is to accommodate all of our client reservations for each class. When a Megaformer or VersaClimber is left open by a client who has not properly canceled their reservation for that class, then another client may miss the opportunity to reserve a Megaformer or VersaClimber for that class.

Class Terms and Conditions:

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  • Instructors & classes are subject to change without notice.
  • All Packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and must be pre-paid in advance via MINDBODY, Inc.
  • Grip Socks are required for all Mega Sculpt and 20//20 classes and are available for purchase.
  • Athletic shoes are required for all Beta Climb, Level up, Mash-Up, RMF, and 20//20 classes.
  • Monthly passes exhaust after 30 days and any unused portion would be forfeited.
  • We recommend wearing a heart rate monitor to ensure you are safely getting all the benefits and making the most of your workout.
  • We encourage you to do your best to keep up with our instructors, but most importantly to work at YOUR own pace while on the VersaClimber.