20//20 Classes

20//20 Mega

This class incorporates 20 minutes of the Lagree Fitness method on the MegaFormer and 20 minutes of high intensity, low impact cardio on the VersaClimber.

Equipment used: MegaFormer & VersaClimber.

20//20 Arms & Abs

This class utilizes 20 minutes on the VersaClimber and 20 minutes of Abs & Arms.

Equipment used: VersaClimber, Dumbbels, kettlebells, core sliders, bosu ball.

20//20 HIIT

This class ranges from 40-50minutes. It is a full body workout that utilizes 20 minutes on the VersaClimber and 20 minutes of high intensity interval training. This class is certain to get your heart rate up while still remaining mostly low impact.

Equipment used: Versaclimber, Kettlebells, TRX, bands, dumbbells, Skierg and more!

MegaFormer Classes

Mega Sculpt

Mega Sculpt is a 45 minute high intensity, low impact Lagree Fitness class performed on the MegaFormer.

Equipment used: MegaFormer

Mash Up

We have built a circuit workout combining the VersaClimber, MegaFormer, TRX, mat, kettlebells and more. This is a 55 minute class that will leave you drenched in sweat. Our mashup is something you have never experienced at any other studio.

Equipment used: MegaFormer, VersaClimber, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, TRX



Climb Classes

Beta Climb

Our 30 minute Beta climb is a great place for beginners to start. We introduce minimal choreography in this class. Most importantly, we encourage you to work at your own pace. Once you build the endurance for the VersaClimber, you will agree this is the quickest and most effective 30 minute workout you can get!

Equipment used: VersaClimber

Beta//Tone – Buns

Our 35 minute Beta Buns class is an extension of our Beta Climb. We utilize resistance bands during our climb to intensify the effect on our legs. After the 30 minute climb we take an extra few minutes to burnout legs on the ground, utilizing resistance bands.

Equipment used: VersaClimber & Resistance bands

Beta//Tone – Arms

Our 35 minute Beta Arms class is an extension of our Beta Climb but we take an extra few minutes to burnout our upper body with light dumbbell weights.

Equipment used: VersaClimber & dumbbells

Level Up

Our 30 minute Level Up is a class for our more experienced climbers who want to stride longer and faster. It is required you try our Beta Climb prior to attending this class.

Equipment used: VersaClimber

Power Climb

Our 30 minute power climb is focused on muscular and cardio endurance. We utilize heavy resistance from the machine by gradually adding tension throughout the climb. Unlike other climbs we offer, this class is less focused on speed and distance and more focused on muscular strength. The added tension will work your muscles in a different way than our other climbs do.

Equipment used: VersaClimber