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Come Get The Quickest Fitness Results In As Little As 30 Minutes!

Class Schedule

NLC is a boutique fitness studio based on creative ideas to maximize your workout inside a boutique setting. We deliver the most effective workouts with a vibrant ambience that will leave you craving more. Our studio infuses intense cardio with a wide variety of full body workouts. You will not find anything like us in San Antonio- we promise.

Classes We Offer


Go Beyond Cardio at

Next Level Core

Go beyond any other cardio endurance workout you will experience in San Antonio. Our studio gives you three options for high intensity low impact workouts. We offer a 30 minute class for beginners on the VersaClimber called “Beta Climb” which covers the basics of climbing, great for all levels of fitness. We also offer a 30 minute “Level Up” class for our more experienced climbers. Level Up implements longer strides which allows you to climb your max feet every class. Our third option is the “20//20” class which combines 20 minutes of the VersaClimber with 20 minutes of the Lagree method. Our last, but not least, option is the 45 minute Lagree method “Mega sculpt” class.